My learning goal is to lay out a information report  clearly
I have learned the  have lose of different faves
My next step is to organise a information report


WHAT? do a hip routine and a cha cha routine
So What?

        I really enjoyed the cha cha because of the spot turn


Now what?

        I would like to do further dance lessons
        I would like to learn the salsa
I am learning how to do a cloze activity to help me with my reading
Being able to make logical predictions about what word would fit correctly into a sentence is a successful read`er strategy.

So What?
We use the following procedures:
  1. Read the whole text so that we can get an overall picture of the text.
  2. Re-read the text and think of words that would fit into the gaps. Write them down
  3. Look at the word list for this activity and see if I am correct / make changes

Now What?

I am at the following stage:

A = I am independent. I read the text, select words that I feel logically and grammatically fit, and then I use the word list to confirm my predictions and / or make some small changes.


WALT:record information use full in formation  for intgrated learning
I LEARNED:  that  stars came in diffent shaps and sisze 
NEXE TIME I WILL : reserch  more `

ANZAC Week Teaem 2 Week 1

This week  I have enjoyed the poppy design because we had to make the poppies that represent ed Oaklands and ANZAC.

I would like to learn more about animals in war because I though it was cool.